1. What is time scheduling?

IVR Time Schedule : Time scheduling helps the customers to plan the Working hours/ Business hours of the members along with the Business/ Working days. It helps in creating a workable structure for the members in the group to avoid any hassle.

Types of IVR Time Schedule:

a. After Office working hours time Schedule

b. Holiday/weekend ( whole day off) time Schedule

Steps for Time scheduling:

  • Click on the time schedule option in the group settings.
  • A pop up window will appear.
  • Select the start and end time (In case of 24/7 operations please opt for whole day).
  • Select the working days by simply checking and un-checking the non working days.
  • Select the clips for non working business hours (Not required in 24/7 operations scenario).
  • Select the clip for non working days (Not required in 24/7 operations scenario).
  • Click on save
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Example for After office working hours sound clip : “We are closed for the day. Our Business hours start from 10 AM to 6 PM.” Or, “Offices are closed now. To ask a query, leave a message after the beep."

Updated 31 Aug 2021
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