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After login in the platform, you will find the navigation bar at the top where the fourth tab is “User Management”. Click on it, and visit "Members" tab under it. It includes the features which are needed to manage activation of members (employees), their respective roles & routing configuration.

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Step 1: First in order to invite new members: Click on the tab “Invite Members”.  

Step 2: Once you click on the tab, a pop-up will appear, fill all details of your employee like, their Name, contact number and the access (Panel access can be decided on the basis of role of the employee such as admin or regular access)

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  • Regular Access - Members with this access can only manage their individual data such as calls, contact list etc,
  • Admin Access - Members with this access can manage whole IVR panel & its data such as calls, contact list etc, except they can not add new members.
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Step 3:  Click on “Send Invite” button to invite/add team members. Once you have sent the invitation, an acknowledgment popup will appear and the list of members will be updated automatically with the new member’s details.

Note: The Member is still INACTIVE on the panel. In order to ACTIVATE the member, the inactive member has to give a missed call to our platform's central number. The member receives the miscall number via SMS. Please keep in mind that the each team member will get their login details through SMS on respective mobile number only.

Watch a full detailed Video Here:

Updated 01 Sep 2021
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