Overview about Call Group creation

Call Groups is the second tab in the “User-management” heading as shown in the below-given image.

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Call group is basically a team or department segregation which helps in bringing all the individual team members under similar working terms together so that they can be assigned to a particular cloud phone number or to a particular option on the IVR. Once a Call group is created, you can assign time schedule, call flow strategy & can also setup team members shift wise call routing.

Click on Call groups tab and then click on the Create Group icon as marked in the image below. Once you click on the icon, a pop- up will appear on the screen:

Document image

As shown above, there are three heads in the window i.e. Group Name, Select Deskphone, and Group Owner. Here you can give your Call Group a name, assign a Deskphone number and can assign a Team leader/ Manger who can that particular group's members & data.

Fill all the details and click on Create Group button and you’re done. An acknowledgment window will appear & your group/ department gets created.

Watch a full detailed Video Here:

Updated 01 Sep 2021
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