Dept. wise access control

In order to track all activities of your employees and for the data security, we at Callerdesk recommend to restrict access of employees.

When an account is created on our platform, a default call group is also created. For each call group there are 4 access controls:

  • Regular team member access: Here members can view, check and access their own activities. Apart from their own data they can’t edit anything.
  • Admin team member access: Admin, as the name suggests, is the main head on the platform. Admin has all the necessary rights with regards to viewing, accessing or editing any data, they have access to see call flow database added in all callgroups.
  • Team Leader of particular call group: Call group owners are just like a team leader of a particular call group or team. They are allowed to access all data but of that particular group only, i.e they can access or edit their as well as their team’s data.

  • Superadmin, is a group for a single person and is basically an administrator with the right to assign all above access parameters.

In addition to the default call groups, custom call groups can be created.

Updated 18 Jan 2022
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