Custom templates

The Customer templates is another key feature of the Callerdesk panel. The feature enables the users to customize their internal & customer communications. The user can customize following templates

  1. SMS Templates
  2. Voice Templates
  3. Email Templates

SMS Templates

The platform allows its users to send customized SMS notifications to its customers and their employees. All the SMS's are transactional in nature thus can only be used for transactional purposes such as call notifications to caller/ member, OTP etc

The User can customize the content as per their requirement and update in the panel. The validation team at Callerdesk will validate and approve the content. This is a one time process and needs to done every time the content is updated.

SMS temlate
SMS temlate

Voice Templates

The Platform allows the users to customize the voice recordings which can be used in the IVR for voice notifications such as welcome tone, ringing tone, out of office messages etc.

The platform allows the users to save upto 5 templates for 8 purposes. The users can upload the voice recordings in .WAV format and use them as in when required.

Voice templates
Voice templates

Email Templates

The platform allows its users to send customized Email notifications to its employees. Users can customize the content of the email for notifications such as OTP, signup, Account expiry, Call summary etc

Email template
Email template

Updated 30 Aug 2021
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