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One of the options for making outgoing calls from the panel is direct Outbound dialling feature. You can click any phone numbers what so ever is coming as inbound call in your platform. All reports can be seen from call logs tab. Kindly note that, first call always deliver to the agent and then once he/she will pick the call, 2nd call will be transfer to the destination number.

Steps for setting up Direct outbound Dialling Feature

1. Let's start by selecting call logs in the reports tab.

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2. As a member on the panel you can see the calls received by you and you can callback the customer by a simple click.

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3. All you need to do is to click the call icon which is present against each call which you have received on the panel.

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4. Once you click the icon, you need to confirm the system that you want to initiate the call.

5. After your confirmation system initiates two calls, one to the member who has initiated the call and other on the number for whom the process has been initiated.

6. After both parties pick the calls, the calls are patched and get recorded in the panel as Click To Call. That's it.

Watch a full detailed Video Here

Updated 01 Sep 2021
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