Add members in call group

Once your call group has been created, you may need to change the settings as per the group’s requirement. Click on the three dots mentioned below the action heading in the selected Call group line which will appear with two options i.e. View Details and Delete group as shown in the below-given image:

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Now click on the view details tab to visit call group settings page. Below given image shows the window which will open on your screen after the click.

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Now, to add desired team members in the particularly selected call group, the following steps are followed:

  • Click on the first tab “Add Members”. Once you have clicked the button a new window namely “Add Members in Call Group” will pop-up.
  • This new window has the name of all the members on the platform which is already Invited through Members tab. Here you can select the members you want to add in your group by ticking the checkbox against their name.
  • Once you have selected the members, just click on “Add Members” button on the pop-up window. Once you click the button a new confirmation window will pop-up. Here just click the close tab and the “Member is added successfully”.
  • There is no restriction on the number of members to be selected in a particular group.

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Watch a full detailed Video Here

Updated 01 Sep 2021
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