Auto Dialer- Bulk Click2Call

Voice Auto Dialer feature is one of the ways for making outgoing calls from the panel. It can be used to interact with your existing customers, through auto call patching with your support team. Select the voice broadcast option in the left bar.

Steps for setting up Auto Dialer- Bulk Click2Call

1. Let's start by selecting Voice Broadcast tab from left bar.

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2. The objective of the auto-dialer is to make a call that connects automatically, with the agent first, and then to your customer for a call patch.

3. Select "Create New" in the Broadcast Setup.

4. A Pop-Up Window will appear and now we need to add the name to the campaign, opt for "Auto Dialer".

5. Now, we can add a particular user or member of the team, or even the whole group to transfer call so that the receiver of the call can connect to them.

6. let's select the call group, and align a particular group with this campaign.

7. Click on save after setup.

8. Now you can allocate the channel which is, directly proportional to the availability of team members and the numbers on which this function will be initiated.

9. Select Normal OBD in the broadcast type.

10. Add the data, that is the numbers on which you wish to initiate the campaign.

11. Manage the Start and End time of the Campaign and finally click on Send.

12. Now, to know about campaign status please click on the "View All Campaign" tab.

13. Here, you can see a quick overview of the campaign, and also you can manage a particular campaign, by clicking on the actions tab and view the report.

14. After entering on "View Report", you can see all campaign wise summary along with status, time and conversation response report.

Watch a full detailed Video Here

Updated 01 Sep 2021
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